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Trigger Point Program
$15.00 AUD

Tired of stretching with no results?  We have seen Trigger Point Therapy work over and over again for 1,000's of athletes and for ourselves. 

Using a specially designed  trigger ball to remove any trigger point, the ball removes knots found in muscles that deter full range of motion, can increase the chance of injury and cause that tighness feeling. 

Trigger Point Program Snapshot

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This program has a short educational video about how the trigger point therapy works. It also has every trigger point that Acceleration uses with its athletes on a daily basis. There are videos, photos and descriptions for each exercise as well.

Upon purchase you will recieve an email with your username and password. You will have access to this program for 1 month to print the program and go through each of videos and explanations regarding trigger point therapy.

Release Deep Hip Rotators with Trigger Ball - Acceleration

Exercise written using AccelerWare

See an example of a Trigger Point exercise.  This exercise is used to  release trigger points in the deep hip rotators.  

Enjoy the benefits!

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