Triathlon Race Day Program

This program has been developed for Junior triathletes who are looking to stabilize their body for performance enhancement and prepare their body for long-term training demands. 

Acceleration has designed a body-weight functional movement program for the growing, multi-talented athlete. Whilst it has a triathlon focus, the main purpose of this program is to create stability through all movements performed by young athletes so they are better prepared when placing a large physical demand on their bodies. This includes running form training and functional movement pattern exercises.

This is an Online Program that you can access anytime and from anywhere using the username and password that we will instantly email you. All of the exercises and drills will be explained and demonstrated online through the use of coaching cues, photos and videos. This means that you will have a printed program and complete educational material to ensure that you feel comfortable in implementing the program. 

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Triathlon Race Day Program
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