Tennis Specific JUNIOR Training Program - Level 1

In the important developing years of a young teenager, it is pivotal that age specific training is implemented to cope with all the physiological and emotional changes that will be apparent throughout this period. Therefore this program has been tailored to a Tennis player 15 years old and younger. 

  • 10 Flexibility Exercises
  • 18 Dynamic & Specific Warm Up Exercises
  • 7 Conditioning Exercises
  • 4 Core Strength Exercises
  • 10 Strength Training Exercises

Netball Specific Program - Acceleration

This program was written using AccelerWare

This is an ONLINE program. 

Upon purchase of this program, you will recieve an email with your username and password. You will have  1 months access to this program. 

Each exercise is a link that takes you to text descriptions, photos and videos. You can print the program out and/or view it on your internet-ready device. We use IPads to view and enter weights and other data straight into the program.

Tennis Specific JUNIOR Training Program - Level 1
$18.00 AUD

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