Teaching Olympic Lifts - Power Snatch


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Teaching Olympic Lifts - Power Snatch
$18.00 AUD

The Power Snatch is also one of the most dangerous exercises if done incorrectly. Therefore, as a coach you want to feel 100% comfortable with teaching it to your athletes. Safety alone, is one good reason to purchase our "easy to learn" teaching progression that will give you the confidence that you are teaching the Power Snatch effectively.

Online Strength Program from Acceleration

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This is an ONLINE program.

Upon purchase, you will recieve a username and password.  With these log-in details you will have access to this program for 4 weeks.  You can print out this program and use it online to view the photos, text description and videos of each exercise.  


This program includes seven exercises with tempos, rest times and sets & reps.  The exercises break down the power snatch to build athletes' strength and confidence to perform a perfect power snatch.

Paperless Training Programs | Acceleration With these three online programs, you can view the programs/exercises from any device that has internet access (eg.phone, computer), print the programs and click on the exercises for descriptions and videos

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