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Teaching Olympic Lifts
$33.00 AUD

This product includes 3 wonderful, 4 week programs - Teaching Olympic Lifting Power Clean, Teaching Olympic LIfting Power Snatch and Combination Lifts (Jerk Progression). Learn the exact teaching progression that we use at Acceleration to teach athletes how to lift the clean, jerk, and snatch. This is the most time efficient and effective method available and we are confident that you will not have any trouble teaching your athletes how to lift these complex lifts.

Netball Specific Program - Acceleration

This program was written using AccelerWare

This is an ONLINE program. 

Upon purchase of this program, you will recieve an email with your username and password. You will have 2 months access.

Each exercise is a link that takes you to text descriptions, photos and videos. You can print the program out and/or view it on your internet-ready device. We use IPads to view and enter weights and other data straight into the program.


With these three online programs, you can view the programs/exercises from any device that has internet access (eg.phone, computer), print the programs and click on the exercises for descriptions and videos.

Upon purchase, we will email you a user name and password. You can use these log-in details to access these excellent program for eight weeks. Enjoy!


You can progress through the series of exercises in one session or over the space of months. Either way you should be able to get quick results that can be sustained over time because you will continue to come back to this teaching progression throughout the remainder of your career.

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