Swimming Specific Warm Up - Complete Levels 1-4

These are the 4 progressive Swimming Specific Warm Ups used by elite swimmers like Libby Tricket. Warming up for swimmers usually requires multiple lengths of the pool. This is not entirely appropriate for dry land sessions. So we have developed a warm up that gets the athlete ready for training and also enhances some of the physiological aspects required to increase performance. 

The Acceleration Dynamic Warm Up series for swimmers, has been designed for and tested on the broad array of athletes that train in our programs. We have found that when athletes start with Level 1, they are taught the foundations of quality land work and are able to build and progress on that knowledge simply by advancing to the next level!

Netball Specific Program - Acceleration

This program was written using AccelerWare

This is an ONLINE program. 

Upon purchase of this program, you will recieve an email with your username and password. You will have  4 months access to all 4 of these programs. 

Each exercise is a link that takes you to text descriptions, photos and videos. You can print the program out and/or view it on your internet-ready device. We use IPads to view and enter weights and other data straight into the program.

Swimming Specific Warm Up - Complete Levels 1-4
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