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Ever wish you could publish and sell your programs to a wider marketplace?  Would you like to expand your fitness or sports training business to include the world?  Join a growing list of experts in the sports, fitness and rehabilitation industries who are helping more people by delivering their quality programs online.

It is easy to make a bit of extra money for you or your business...

1. Subscribe to AccelerWare

 - You may choose from several versions of AccelerWare for a monthly fee

- Keep all of your programs for the life of your license (even available when renewing after a break)

- All info is secure and backed-up on a dedicated server in the U.S.

2. Design programs

- Use the existing database of up to 1,000 of strength, power and speed exercises.

-   Edit/Add your own exercises with corresponding videos, photos and text

- Copy and paste your programs to create news ones really quickly

3. Place Your Work on the Market

- Utilise E-commerce facilities of AccelerationStore (with a small fee)

- Set up your own e-commerce

- System automatically sends log-in details to customers who receive immediate access to the programs you've sold them.

 Have a look at the AccelerWare website to learn more or contact us at info@accelerware.com

 Making money with AccelerWare is just an added bonus of using the software for your program design and periodisation. 



AccelerWare - Program Design Software

Agile, Quick, Powerful...Completely Simple

AccelerWare is an in-cloud software orginally designed for a strength and conditioning company to train athletes and run a business. Educators, Trainers, Club Operators and Phyiscal Therapists will all find they cannot do without AccelerWare!

Go to http://www.AccelerWare.com for more information    


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