“We have developed to allow coaches and athletes to accurately monitor their training so that they can achieve their best performance.”
- Stewart Briggs & Aaron Coutts will:

  • Save YOU Time
  • Save YOU Money
  • Improve YOUR Team's Performance
  • Reduce YOUR Team's Injuries

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Saves YOU Time! 
If you already use Training Load extensively with your team, then you are probably using excel spreadsheets that take you hours to use. Try our and you will never go back to excel spreadsheets. Detailed reports can be created, printed and emailed out to all of your staff within seconds.

Save YOU Money!
There is no need to pay someone money out of your budget to crunch numbers from your Training Load scores. It is all done for you through Also we only get you to pay a small annual fee rather than an expensive one off cost.

Improve YOUR Team's Performance!
The greatest performance gains come from prescribing an optimal amount of physical training with appropriate recovery periods to allow for the greatest adaptation before competition.

Reduce YOUR Team's Injuries!
You can use to help avoid soft tissue injuries by providing the appropriate amount of load for individuals within the team. It also also helps with the reintroduction of an injured athlete back to competition.

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What does actually do?

  • Monitors training load of your athletes.
  • Takes out the guesswork when avoiding over- or under-training your team.
  • Helps you to consistently achieve great results by having the best possible preparation.
  • Maintains detailed records of training load, strain and monotony.
  • will calculate everything for you all you have to do is enter your RPE data - IT'S THAT SIMPLE!

The Bottom Line: Your athletes will be able to perform better within the season and from year to year.

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Have a look at the TrainingLoad Tutorial that we've designed for our clients.

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Here is what some professional coaches have to say about TrainingLoad:

is a great feedback tool for increasing my awareness of how my players are responding to their training over the year. Instantaneous feedback for the players and coaches in the form of graphs allows me to relay the information easily. The players feel ‘fresher and energised’ on game day this season, where as they sometimes felt fatigued on game days last season.”

Geoff Evans
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

" has helped us a huge amount to monitor our players at Sydney FC. The fact that I can save time by using my Iphone to input data and I can show meaningful graphs to our coaching staff in a click on a button means that I am free to do more hands-on work our players. I know that we won the 2010 A-League championship partly due to the management of our veteran players, which allowed me to do."

Craig Duncan, PhD
Head of Human Performance
Sydney FC


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SO, you are still wondering how can help you as a coach?

We’ve got 3 very Compelling Reasons Why TrainingLoad will make a huge impact on your team’s performance:



  • Team sports are difficult to prescribe training loads for because of the different array of training types (endurance, skills, speed, strength, etc) and athletes (different positions and body types).
  • Being able to assess all of the aspects of an athlete’s training regimen is hard enough let along having to deal with injuries due to overtraining.
  • will allow you to enter data all of the different types of training sessions that you conduct, therefore allowing you to adequate analyze and manipulate training load.


  • It is quite difficult to compare the training stress of a plyometrics session, a weights session, a skills session and an aerobic conditioning session.
  • Implementing a few simple recording procedures available through will make the task of monitoring and prescribing training loads less confusing and more objective.

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