Running Form Analysis Posters

The Performance Coaches at Acceleration have narrowed down 10 of the most common faults that athletes have with their running form.  Each poster shows opposing photos of good vs bad form and what cues to give the athlete to correct the problem.  The posters also include what to stretch and strengthen to further fix the problem. The risk of  injury is outlined as well to help the athlete understand the importance of correcting their running form. 

The posters are A3 (29.7 cm x 42cm) in size and are laminated to ensure that they last a long time. 

Ball of Foot

Watch your athletes...are they running on the balls of their feet? They should be. This poster shows why and how to encourage your athletes to run this way.    AU$15.00

Hands Cheek to Cheek

Did you know that if your arms swing higher than the shoulder, your stride will be shorter? This poster looks at this running fault and how to fix it.    AU$15.00

Head Position

The runner's head should be at the same 45 degree angle in line with the body.    AU$15.00

Heel to Butt

A failure to achieve a heel to butt will decrease leg turnover and therefore decrease your speed. Learn what stretches and strength exercises your athletes can do to encourage this running action.    AU$15.00

Lean Forward 45 Degrees

Very simply. Optimal lean equates to optimal force. Learn why and find out how to get your athletes to achieve the lean with this poster!    AU$15.00

Pack of 10 Running Form Analysis Posters

This pack of 10 posters will cover the majority of the running technique issues that you will come across in your career. Use them as an educational tool and use the solutions that we provide to your benefit for future program design.    AU$150.00   AU$120.00

Stop Knees Crossing

This poster reveals the importance of the athlete keeping their knees straight ahead while running rather than allowing the knee to cross over.    AU$15.00   AU$12.00

Strike Beneath Hip

This poster will help your athletes improve their front cycles. Learn what stretches and strength exercises your athletes need to correct their striket to hip position.    AU$15.00

Toe in Line ( <7 degrees Turn Out)

A turned out position of the foot increases the amount of pronation at ankle joint.    AU$15.00

Toe Up

This poster looks at how the athletes holds his/her foot in regards to the direction it pointed before the next strike.    AU$15.00