Posture Pro is a simple tool designed by physiotherapists which helps relieve the symptoms of back pain cause by muscle tightness and poor posture. Its role is to help prevent back stiffness and assist in injury recovery.

Injury treatment programs generally include simple exercises which encourage continued improvement as well as prevention strategies which help stop problems recurring. Treatment for most conditions should not cease once you leave the clinic. Posture Pro is ideal for this purpose! Use at home or at work to provide relief from the symptoms of prolonged sitting or standing.

Posture Pro should be used when you are feeling discomfort between your shoulder blades or as a means of preventing back tightness or stiffness. It is most often used either in lying or standing. It is ideal for use following sitting for long periods of time eg. after driving your car, sitting at a desk, flying in an airplane, watching a movie or following sports such as: bike riding or playing football.

 Release Back Tension, Thorasic Spine, back pain, rehabilitation, Acceleration

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At Acceleration we use the Posture Pro specifically for helping to remove kyphosis. It works, espcially in conjunction with a quality program. What it does is change the "peuso electric charge" in the upper back region and therefore brings the erector spinae closer to the spine. This action is not without pain, but it definitely makes a difference to your clients.

To get a better idea of how Posture Pro can help you or your clients, have a look at this exercise.


Posture Pro
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