Individualised Diet

Of all of the sciences, nutrition may have more to offer the athlete than any other.” – ( Maughan and Burke, 2000)

Taking your diet seriously means gaining more from your training and having that extra edge over your competitors.

It’s simple…provide your body with the correct types and quantities of fuel to gain these extra advantages:

  • Perform at higher levels and at your fullest potential
  • Have more energy before & after training and competition
  • Eliminate annoying and inhibitive cramps
  • Meet your hydration requirements
  • Lose or gain body weight 

Your Individualised Sports Nutrition Diet will Include :

  • An Initial 60 Minute Phone Consultation
    • Collect Anthropometrical Data (Ht, Wt, Age)
    • Calculate Body Mass Index, Activity Factor, and Estimated Energy Expenditure
    • Conduct a Diet History to calculate current Energy Intake
    • Compare Energy intake and energy expenditure
    • Compare your diet to the RDI’s for macronutrients, vitamins and minerals
    • Discussion of findings relative to your goals
  • When Required, A Follow-up 30 Minute Phone Consultation
    • Collect Anthropometric Data (Wt, Skinfolds etc.)
    • Discuss plan constructed to meet your goals (wt loss, wt gain etc) or progress
    • Review of progress
    • Schedule of further reviews if needed

Individualised Diet
$79.00 AUD

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