Ice Hockey

Rugby on ice is an amazing fast sport that requires physical toughness that only players can understand. But you also need a great program to give you the tools to success on the ice. If you do not have a stable shoulder joint then it will pop out or if you can not skate fast enough then it is probably because your legs are not strong enough. Therefore going through a progressive program such as this will add some tools to your game that will help now and in the future.

Below you will find a program to help you become a stronger competitor. 

Each Program includes the following components.  Click on the links below to see an example of each type of exercise. 

  • Flexibility
  • Dynamic Warm-up
  • Speed/Agility
  • Strength Training
  • Core Stability
  • Conditioning

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    Try the Level 1 program and then progress through each level to create a phenomenal resource that you can use even when you travel (you can just login from anywhere in the world and get your program!).   The junior levels are for younger players (around 12 to 17 years). The senior programs start to incorporate free weights and involve more advance exercises, therefore these are more appropriate for the 18 year olds and up.

    Ice Hockey Specific SENIOR Training Package - Levels 1 - 4

    Get all four of these excellent training programs in one package and save $15! This also means that you will receive 4 months access instead of one.    AU$100.00   AU$85.00

    Ice Hockey Specific SENIOR Training Program - Level 1

    Level 1 will start with slow tempo exercises for strength and size gains that are necessary before venturing onto level 2.    AU$25.00

    Ice Hockey Specific SENIOR Training Program - Level 2

    Level 2 will address balance and lower body power training in combination to low volume strength training for large strength gains.    AU$25.00

    Ice Hockey Specific SENIOR Training Program - Level 3

    Level 3 works to develop your energy systems off the ice with repeat sprints, very tough core strength work and high volume strength work-out to challenge every muscle in your body.    AU$25.00

    Ice Hockey Specific SENIOR Training Program - Level 4

    Level 4 combines all areas of athleticism for ice hockey so that you are fit, strong, and fast for competition.    AU$25.00