Golf - Specific SENIOR Training Program - Level 3

During Level 3 you will start power training using low level plyometrics. You will continue to develop your balance but this time focusing on postural alignment and develop your stability more dynamically. During this program you will cover:

  • 14 Flexibility Exercises 
  • 11 Dynamic Warm Up Exercises 
  • 7 Conditioning Exercises 
  • 10 Strength Training Exercises 
  • 6 Core Strength Exercises 

This is phenomenal value for money considering something similar would normally cost $84. This program has been designed to produce the best results possible. Therefore, we have not held back on the variety and complexity of your training.


Each Program includes the following components.  Click on the links below to see an example of each type of exercise. 


After you have made your purchase, an email will be sent to you with your username and password. From there, you can access your programs and view all of the exerciese in the forms of text, photos and videos - all online.  Your access and print out this program for 1 month.

Golf - Specific SENIOR Training Program - Level 3
$25.00 AUD

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