General Diet

 Upon purchase of this diet, you will be sent a username and password.  These log-in details will give you access to this diet for 4 weeks.

To customise the diet for you, please fill in the questionnare that we send you.  It will give us the information we need to work out how many kilojoules the diet should give you in a day to obtain your goal weight (based upon your activity level.) 

These diets outline the food and drink you need to consume for each meal as well as before, after and during your training sessions/competitions. This incldues breakfast, morning tea, lunch, dinner and supper as well as pre and post snacks to go along with any training you might be doing. 

These diets ensure that you are eating foods from all of the food groups to ensure a diet that not only helps you to reach your goals but to also be healthy.

Included in this offer are several exchange sheets. Exchange sheets allow you to change foods around in your diet to suit your tastes. 

Also with this diet plan, we will give you our Performance Lifestyle Guidelines for FREE.


General Diet
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