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$39.95 AUD

Health professionals have long used a variety of techniques for the treatment of lower limb muscular and facial tightness... Tennis and golf balls, trigger balls, bottles and occassionally rolling pins.

The Footeez is specifically designed by Physiotherapists to enhance the effects of professional treatment and help patients self manage muscular and fascial tightness. Footeez is packaged with a comprehensive information chart containing symptoms, uses and alternative treatments.

Increase Flexibility, relieve muscle tightness, footeez, Acceleration

Exercise written using Accelerware

At Acceleration we use the Footeez to release trigger points in the feet and ITB. It is significantly harder than the "Trigger Ball" so it does a better job for people with foot problems. It is also a nice half way between a foam roller and the Trigger Ball for the ITB. You will notice the difference immediately - try it out.

Have a look at this example exercise to see how the footeez can help with calf  muscle flexibility.


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