Is your child being left behind?

What if you could give your child the opportunity to use the same training programs that Australia’s best junior Stars are using... and SAVE $642?


Imagine if you could give your child the same opportunity that elite footballers have. Imagine if you were able to assist your child to reach their full ability. Imagine if football success could be literally given to your child in a highly predictable specific step by step process. What if I could turn your child’s dream into reality?  

Here is what one Socceroo had to say about my system:


"The program the Acceleration coaches developed improved my overall athleticism in the time that I have trained with them before the A-League season. In the time i was able to improve my 20m sprint by .1 of a secondand my aerobic capacity. I would suggest that you take the opportunity to train in their unique program no matter what level athlete you are, because the results are outstanding"

 Michael Thwaite- Socceroo's & GC United


Firstly, before I go any further you might be wondering who I am and why you should listen to me? Good question.

For the past 15 years I have dedicated my life to developing athletes from a junior level into STARs. I am currently involved in training the Gold Coast junior representative squad, Gold Coast United (A league team) and I have been involved with training several Australian Socceroos. I have proven my training with over 1000 athletes. In many cases the athletes I have trained have gone on to become SPORTING STARS. If it worked for them it will work for you.


I wish that I had exposure to Acceleration when i was younger. If i had the opportunity to train with the company like Acceleration I may have been able to play in the professional league as a younger player. I am greatful that Acceleration has been able to improve my speed and power and as a result I had a great debut season in the A-League. In the time training with Acceleration I was able to increase my vertical jump height from 49cm to 63cm and increase my 20m sprint by 0.23 seconds"
Andrew Barisic - GC United

 You may be thinking...

My child seems too young to be training. Can children participate in resistance training without risk of damaging their joints? Is it really possible to maximise specific sporting performance and minimise the risk of injury short and long term?
YOU BET. This is my speciality.

However this is only possible if the exercise program is specialised and personalised for football and for your child’s age.

Pre-Season Specialised Programs have been specifically constructed it in such a way that it will develop the greatest physiological, metabolic and psychological adaptations for football. These programs are designed to be highly specialised for a young growing player. This will make the results laser focussed towards the fitness necessary for football as well as for a growing youth. The training programs are designed to get your child in the best physical condition for football, while they LEARN the muscles involved in each particular exercise, and understand the INFORMATION required for the CORRECT TECHNIQUE for all the exercises involved within this specialised program.


 What’s the PURPOSE Of PRE-SEASON Training?

The aim of pre-season training is to skyrocket physical fitness and injury proof the body. Pre-season is the perfect time to do this because there is no stress from the games and one can train without the worry of being too sore to play effectively. Pre-season training sets an athlete’s body up for the rest of the season. By being correctly conditioned athletes go into in-season and STAY AHEAD of their competition by being faster, stronger, fitter, more agile and less injury prone. Did you know that 45% of injuries in football occur in athletes under the age of 15? Did you know most of these can be avoided or eliminated by using the correct training system? Pre-season training is the time to injury proof and sky rocket results. With this in mind I have created a series of football specific programs that train juniors so that the chances of injury are heavily decreased, while the results are maximised. It is now possible to give your young potential superstar child the same training programs that I have used to help elite players become the best they can be. The beautiful thing is that you save $642.

You may think that this is a made up number. I assure you it is not... It costs $642 to train with me in a group of 5 people for 4months.


Here is what you will receive:

First You'll Get: 

Level 1 - Training Program:

Development of essential building blocks necessary for a successful Football season. Level 1 focuses on developing the FOUNDATIONS of football fitness by minimizing stress on the joints and maximize muscular development through slow, controlled movements.  Level 1 also focuses on will development of core strength and hip stability, whilst also improving your Flexibility and Balance. It is vital that the athlete prepares the body for exercise. Level 1 is a crucial step in order to progress to the next level. Level 1 is split into two programs.

This program will include: 



Second, You'll Get: 

Level 2 - Training Program:

Level 2 is designed to MAXIMIZE your strength by keeping repetitions low. There will also be a large focus on increasing in speed, running technique and improving AEOROBIC fitness. This month of the program is designed in preparation for the power training involved with Levels 3 and Level 4 training. Level 2 is split into two programs.

This program will include: 



The Third Thing You'll Get:

 Level 3 - Training Program:

Level 3 concentrates on ANAEROBIC fitness (higher intensity exercise requiring a rate of energy production greater than that supplied by aerobic fitness). With the introduction of Upper and Lower body power training you will be able to explode off the mark and increase your vertical jump height in to get those screaming headas. This month of training is will also increase foot speed and the agility required for more specific football movement. Level 3 is split into two programs.

This program will include: 



The Fourth Thing You'll Get:

Level 4 - Training Program:

The final stage of the training program is developed to refine speed, agility, maximize your STRENGTH and maintain your AEOROBIC fitness. Level four is designed to be completed by 10 days prior to the commencement of the football season. Level 4 is split into two programs.

This program will include: 



 This means that you will get:

• 4x2 day per week training Program tested on some of the best players in Australia
• Ability to ACCESS your training program ANYWHERE, anytime, anywhere in the WORLD
• No time delays between purchase and program arrival
• Have the ability to WATCH real time the correct exercise as you’re training via your mobile phone or computer
• Ability to view PICTURES of particular exercises real time
• Ability to enter current weights lifted real time via your mobile phone or computer
• DESCRIPTIONS of each exercise
• You will discover the PURPOSE behind every exercise.
• COACHING CUES which are designed to eliminate the most common errors in technique.

 Iphone Online Program          

All programs and videos can be viewed on your mobile phone!

IN FACT you can enter your weights and other information on your phone as well.  

Once you have ordered you will have access to the programs for a total period of 6months


What EQUIPMENT will YOU require?

• Trigger Point Ball
• Plyometric Box (or Something of Similar Size)


To your football success,

Stewart Briggs, BHMS, M.Ed., C.S.C.S. PSP

Managing Director of Acceleration

PS: $642 is not a made-up figure! Give your child the opportunity to reach their dreams.                                                                                                        

PPS: please read below for more testimonials.



"I have improved my movement, strength and speed. I increased my vertical jump heigth by 7cm and my 20m sprint by .02 seconds"

Bas Van Den Brink- GC United 



"I have improved my speed and strength on the ball which has allowed me to play at a professional level in Australia. Since training with Acceleration I increased my 20m sprint by .12 seconds and increased my vertical jump from 65cm to 72cm" 

James Brown- GC United



"Since training with Acceleration I have improved my explosive speed on the field so that i can cover runs of attackers. In the time training with Acceleration I was able to increase my 20m sprint time by .12 seconds and increase my squat strength from 60kg to 100kg and complete 4reps"

Ben Wearing- GC United



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