Flexibility Training

Flexibility Training with Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretching can be used before or after training or games with great results.    AU$10.00

Flexibility Training with Partner Stretching

Use partner stretching before to incresase length of the muscles and improve recovery after a hard training sessions. This routine has been performed for approximately 12 years and covers the primary stretches you would use in a fitness program.    AU$9.90

Flexibility Training with Static Stretching

This static stretching routine covers every part of the body including stretches like the groin stretch, IT band stretch, pectoralis minor stretch, etc.    AU$9.90

Flexibility Training with the Foam Roller

This 4 week program shows you how to increase flexibility by using a foam roller. Using a foam roller is a gentle, but effective way to increase circulation, relax muscles and more.    AU$9.90

Trigger Point Program

Learn how to use your Trigger Ball quickly and easily.    AU$15.00