American Football Specific JUNIOR Training Program - Level 1

In the important developing years of a young teenager, it is pivotal that age specific training is implemented to cope with all the physiological changes that will be apparent throughout this period. The programs are shorter in length and do not incorporate advanced, free weight exercises. Therefore this program has been tailored to an American Football player 15 years old and younger.

This level is a must if you want to get serious gains in strength! We started using this type of training with American Football players over 8 years ago and have never looked back. Basically if you want to get MASSIVE you need to start here. Even if you do not want to get any bigger, you need to start here. The reason is that you need these exercises to set yourself up for great gains later in the year. This phase is also where we learn more simple lifts that will make the complex ones seem easier when start using them in Level 2. Your program will include;

  • 10 Flexibility Exercises 
  • 18 Dynamic and Specific Warm Up Exercises
  •  3 Movement System Exercises 
  •  6 Steering System Exercises 
  •  9 Strength System Exercises 

This is phenomenal value for money considering something similar would normally cost $84. This program has been designed to produce the best results possible. Therefore, we have not held back on the variety and compexity of your training.

This program was written using AccelerWare

Upon purchase you will be emailed a username and password to log in to your personal file with Acceleration. You will have access to this Training Program for 1 month

The program is easy to follow and printer friendly so that you can take it with you to the gym.

Each exercise on the program is linked to a full description page that explains the purpose of the exercise. This includes video demonstrations and written coaching cues to ensure you perform each exercise correctly. 



American Football Specific JUNIOR Training Program - Level 1
$18.00 AUD

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