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Knowing your 20m sprint time is a good gauge to how fast you really are.

The 20 m sprint time is a standard test many sporting organisations use to determine if their athletes are fit and fast enough.

Acceleration Brisbane Central, Brisbane East and Acceleration Gold Coast have been increasing the agility, speed, strength, power and vertical jumps of developmental through to Olympic athletes since the year 2000!

We have a team of highly experienced and knowledgable performance coaches who know how to get the best out of their athletes by designing speed and strength programs using specialised equipment.

Speed Training is often an aspect of sports training that gets missed or neglected because there isn't enough time or the school's budget has been resourced elsewhere!

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Acceleration can fill the speed gap with our new Speed Training Camps. 

Using the indoor basketball court at your school, Acceleration can run 60 minute speed training sessions 3 times a week before, during or after school to increase the flexibility, core stability, speed and fitness of students at your school.

It won't cost the school a cent and costs each participant approximately $10 per session. 

This is exceptional value!

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Your FREE 20m Sprint Testing Day!

Free Testing Day | AccelerationRun along and join Acceleration in

We've just purchased some new electronic timing gates that will allow us to quickly and accurately measure and record the times of around 80 athletes in one hour.

At the end of the testing session, everyone, including the Director of Sport will have online access to all of the testing results. 

To familiarise people with our company and the quality of the work we do, we are happy to send a coach and our electronic timing gates to test the 20m sprint of 60-80 students.

20m Dash - Sprint Testing - What's Involved?
  1. Acceleration works with your Director of Sport to organise a Time and Day

  2. Everyone fills out an Enrolment form so we have your details ready for the day.

  3. Your Acceleration coach will come to your school either before, during or after school for testing.

  4. Timing Gates are set-up on your basketball court

  5. Sprinting commences with the timing gates sending times to our software.

  6. Each person gets 2 goes at the sprint to achieve his or her best time.

  7. All results are instanty uploaded into each athletes online profile.

  8. The Director of Sport can see everyone's results in order of fastest to slowest athletes. 

  9. Students can see their own results but can also compare themselves to the times of others (annonymously).

For Free Sprint Testing for up to 80 students - Contact Us!

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