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Acceleration has been training athletes since the year 2000 and with every year, we work on perfecting the measures and methods to help developmental and elite athletes achieve their sporting ambitions through analysing their body movements and running form, designing strength and conditioning programs, educating each athlete and most importantly, getting great results. 

Acceleration is also well known for helping athletes recover from injury and returning to competition more quickly and often even stronger than before.

The format of our specialised sports performance training involves small groups of athletes training together to optimize time and motivation. Each session includes conditioning, speed training, strength training, core strength and flexibility. For athletes who are rehabilitating from an injury, our programs incorporate any exercises or special requirements prescribed by physical therapists and/or orthopaedic surgeons.

There are many trainers who can write a strength and conditioning program for you or your son/daughter.  However, Acceleration offers you more. Our team of highly trained and professional coaches can pinpoint exactly what needs to change in strengthening muslces that are weak, correcting a flaw in running form, figuring out why that shoulder or knee keeps hurting and cooperate effectively with doctors and therapist.  

Acceleration Strength and Conditioning programs are different because we analyse, educate and get results! 

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