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Look after your clients and run your clinic with AccelerWare.  It does everything you need.  AccelerWare handles your appointments,  consultations, writing and sending letters and managing your staff.

How would you like to streamline your consultation to exercise prescription process?

AccelerWare can help you through the 'Consultation' function. In one place, via Ipad or laptop and without doubling-up on work you can:

    • Enter SOAP notes for clients including examination notes, diagnosis, plans and signatures
    • Track client injuries across the clinic and within organisations to run stats and reports
    • Write/store referral letters to clients, doctors, health funds, etc.
    • Prescribe and give remote access to programs using a database of therapy exercises,
    • Quickly and easily reschedule further consultations
Detailed Soap Notes

Here is how the Consultation function works:  From the client calendar, click on the client's name. Clicking on  "Consultation" which will take you straight into the SOAP notes.  You can use a 'simple' form or the 'detailed' form. The detailed SOAP notes allow you to choose the injury type/s from drop-down menus.  The area of injury is highlighted in the human form image.  Using the detailed form also means that you will be able to track and report the type and number of injuries that you see.  Type in SOAP notes using your Ipad, laptop or comptuer.

Email or fax consultation letters quickly and easily.  Use letter templates that already include your practice details, the name of the client and the contact details of the recipient. You  just need to type in a message. 

The Injury Tracking reports are powerful as you can see the number and types of injuries that may be occuring within particular organisations.  You can refine the report to injuries within certain departments of an organisation.  For example, if you are working with Company XYZ, you may find high numbers of carpel tunnel in Department One.  Run another report after your consultation and therapy to show Organisation XYZ that the number of people suffering from carpel tunnel has decreased!  You can show that as a result of your therapy, the staff of XYZ are healthier and more productive!

   How many times have you heard one of these excuses?

"Sorry, I haven't done my exercises."

"I couldn't remember how to do that one."

"Was I supposed to do that exercise 20  times ?!?"

Imagine having all of the exercises you give people online, in a database with photos, videos & coaching cues.

Imagine prescribing patients a program that they can access, view and print out from anywhere?

Training Programs Features | AccelerWare

Training Programs -

AccelerWare allows you to prescribe rehabilitation programs to your clients quickly and easily.

  • Use the current database of therapy exercises or create your own and add to your database.
  • Quickly prescribe programs for your clients to print out or access online via a username and password
  • View a client's progress in their program and send them a SMS or email messages
  • Create a library of programs that you can copy, edit and save  - don't keep reinventing the wheel!
AccelerWare is a Powerful CRM (client resource management) Software

All of your clients, staff, programs, resources, etc. are in the one database.  This makes contacting and communicating with people very easy. You will be able to manage:

Calendar Features in AccelerWare  Your Clinic, Patients and Staff  Schedules
Make, edit and view colour-coded bookings and schedules
  •  Set up recurring appointments in a series
  •  Automatically remind patients of consultation times.
  •  Upload athlete details into AccelerWare via excel file import.
  •  SMS, Email, Survey all or 1 of your clients quickly and easily.
  •  Automatically compiles a 'Task to Complete' list of programs to write, etc.
Staff Management Feature | AccelerWare Your Staffs' Details, Timesheets and Education
Search and list all staff members and their information
  • One page view of the week AND within more than one clinic!
  • All of your timesheets are in one place for payroll
  • Run reports to track number of appointment over months, years
  • Create quizzes
  • Give Staff Evaluations 
  • Send one SMS or Email message to all of your staff immediately
  • Keep tabs on professional membership renewels and creditations
Who is using Accelerware?

Together, physiotherapists' Simon Poole, Dirk Baxendell, and Roger Fitzgerald combine their experience and knowledge to shape the assessment and treatment methodologies used throughout the Movement Improvement entity. These methodologies have been used with great success for treating clients from a professional sporting background (swimming, triathlon, cycling, rugby union and distance running as key areas), occupational injury prevention and rehabilitation (BHP Billiton) and those suffering chronic pain. In a combined effort, the three professionals are attempting to close the gap between physiotherapy, orthopaedic and other allied health philosophies through educating and building relationships with professionals in the industry in an attempt to improve holistic care for each client. 

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"Besides the quality of the Accelerware software itself, Stew was a great resource as we got started and learned a new software system.  There were countless emails with a long list of questions that he announced promptly, and numerous skype sessions and other video meetings where he demonstrated several features of the software and helped us troubleshoot.  During this initial learning phase, he was very patient.

In addition, we have requested several customizations and he and the staff have done a tremendous job working with us to optimize our screen displays and features.  Overall, our use of Accelerware is still relatively new but it has definitely streamlined our procedures to register, schedule, test, train and educate our athletes.  We can easily track athletes from everything from demographics to training sessions to testing results to video analysis to financial aspects.  It serves very much like an electronic medical record for the athlete – all in one system.  It also makes our program look and feel very professional."

Joe Eisenmann, PhD, Director of the Spartan Nutrition & Performance Program, Michigan State University

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